The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself…

There are so many wonderful things we can do for ourselves – ways we can up-level our lives, be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

But it all comes down to a mindset, a way of thinking about yourself and your life.

The single best thing you can do for yourself is this: Invest in yourself.

What does this mean?

When we “invest” in something, we focus our resources in it – our time, our money, our energy. It is a way to say to ourselves, “I matter”. It’s a growth and value-based mindset.

And you do matter. You have value. Sometimes, you may forget that or not fully believe it. How do you know?

Your actions and behaviors will tell you (keep reading for an exercise to help you discover where you are on this).

I am constantly investing in myself. I hire others to help me with my health, spiritual well-being, and up-leveling my business. I use my time to spend with loved ones, and give myself a lot of alone time for rejuvenation when I need it. And I have done enough inner work to re-direct my energy away from energy-sucking activities like complaining and gossip, and move towards life-affirming directions such as curiosity and offering a high level of service and support.

This was all a process, though. There was a time I didn’t take care of myself like this. But when I shifted my mindset to investing in myself, everything began to change.

Likely, you would do a lot for those you love, right? You’d help them reach their dreams, you’d help them take better care of themselves. If they say they needed something, you’d do what you could to support them in getting their needs met.

The same applies to yourself.

When you invest in yourself, you are in the mindset of thinking of yourself as your biggest asset.

You line up your actions – and investments – with what you value most. With what supports the True You.

You are your biggest asset. True?

Yes, it’s true. Without you, “you” would not exist. And nothing that came from you or was inspired, held, or loved by you, would get that benefit that you provide.

When you disregard yourself, putting yourself consistently last or “until later” you letting your biggest asset atrophy: you.

However, when you invest in yourself, you put your time, money, and energy into keeping yourself whole, replenished and shining.

What could this look like?

This could look like truly giving yourself the time and space you need to unwind and replenish your energy. Giving yourself “sacred space”. You are investing your time into rejuvenating yourself so that you can be the best you can be (this is more for introverts; extroverts might put more time into stimulating or social activities to replenish their energy).

This could look like hiring the right support so you don’t have to do everything all the time, and you can access a higher level of your life. You could hire a personal trainer or get a gym membership to help you keep on track with your fitness. You could hire a life coach, consultant, or spiritual advisor to help you expand in the ways you need the most. You could buy clothing, furniture, and healthy food that supports you at your best self with the quality and comfort you enjoy. This is investing your money into yourself.

And, each time you show up for your personal training session, coaching session, rejuvenation time, or whatever else you have invested in, you are investing your energy in yourself as well.

If you are not willing to invest in yourself, you are not fully present and consolidating your energy towards what matters most. And your life will reflect this.

This is one of the core mindsets that I work on with my clients, because it is at the heart of how they perceive themselves and their lives. (And they already have a leg up because they invested their time, money, and energy into hiring me to help them up-level their lives!)

Do you invest in yourself?

As a Discovery Exercise, try this: List out your 3 Top values – what matters most to you in this life. Then, make a spreadsheets with four columns. In the first column, write out what you spend *most* of your money on. The higher-tickets, or consistent purchases. In the second column, write out what you spend *most* of your time on. What do you do with your time? Then, in the third column, write out what you spend *most* of your energy on. Gossip? Worry? Focusing on work? Being peaceful and serene? You can write down as many items as you like in each column. See if you are truly investing in yourself – in what you value most – or not.

Money Time Energy Values
EX: Eating Out, Clothing EX: Work EX: Solving other people’s problems, just getting through the day EX: Freedom, Joy, Love

Then, make a second spreadsheet, and, using the same core values, write out what you would like to invest in, instead.

Money Time Energy Values
EX: Travel EX: With Family EX: Self-Expansion, peace EX: Freedom, Joy, Love

So, stop scattering your energy. Only buy what truly supports you. And treat your time just as preciously.

Because you are precious. Always remember that. So, treat yourself like the precious being you are – invest in what matters most to you so you can live the life you always knew you were meant to have.

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh