The Surprising Ingredient to Success… And greater fulfillment in life

“Life is not just about doing. It’s also about being. And the more we expand our ways of being, the richer, fuller lives we are able to lead.”
~Nicole Justine Cavanaugh


There are so many definitions of “success” and therefore, many ways to attain it.

I’m going to make the assumption that “success” means to you something like having what you want, enjoying your life, being engaged in work you love and having fulfilling relationships. It may be all of that or part of that, or something along those lines.

Besides the obvious ingredients to getting all of this, such as identifying your vision, creating a plan to get it, and taking action to make it happen, there is another surprising ingredient often overlooked:


We can get so caught up in our mind, future-tripping over what we think might happen, and getting all stressy over it that we take things waaaay too seriously. I know. I do this, too, sometimes.

But I’ve been less serious once I’ve decided to consciously integrate humor more into my life. I mean, I’m pretty funny. I amuse myself constantly. Why not leverage that? 😉

Humor is a proven strategy in communication in relationships, to lessen tension when arguments begin to arise. It’s the same thing when you’re an entrepreneur and things aren’t going the way you want them to, or when your boss isn’t being the best version of herself and you want to pull your hair out.

If you use humor and lighten up a bit, you’ll enjoy the process more, possibly even relax and maybe even see a solution that wasn’t there before when your stress-blinders were on.

We totally get tunnel vision when we’re hopped up on anxiety. Humor relieves this tension and can bring your back into the moment where everything is alright. is. Remember that, too.

It’s a powerful, new way of thinking, to find the funny in everything. To be amused by life instead of overwhelmed and derailed by it. Try it and see what you notice. Allow yourself to be amused. Give yourself the gift of lightening up and just enjoying the moment.

When you are going through a major transition – moving, changing jobs, relationships beginning or ending – humor is especially helpful to your success in this transition. It will loosen you up and give you fuller access to yourself. You’ll be able to take a meta-view, like a bird flying overhead and watching the bizarre little people doing whatever they are doing below, instead of being so up-close to the perceived drama that you can’t see the larger perspective.

What is something that is stressing you out now? How can you infuse humor into it? How can you lighten up on yourself?

Life is not just about doing. It’s also about being. And the more we expand our ways of being, the richer, fuller lives we are able to lead.

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh