Unleash Your Potential: Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience

Experience a day that you’ll remember and experience deep healing that will last your entire life. 



Are you here for a greater purpose but feeling stuck and too scared to really put yourself out there and live it?



Imagine the biggest blocks that have been holding you back disappearing

Imagine having deep clarity on why you were put on this planet and a certainty that you and what you have to offer matters.

Imagine knowing the exact next steps you need to take to bring your unique gifts to the world, and feeling excited to offer them…

Imagine having an expert hold and guide you throughout this process, someone who wants you to unleash your potential because that is what brings her joy?

Imagine all of this…

…in one day.


These are the intentions of our Unleash Your Potential Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience.

When was the last time you fully invested in yourself? I mean, really, truly, deeply invested in yourself?

What would happen to your experience of life if you finally allowed yourself to slow down for an entire day to be expertly held and guided to go deeply within and finally discover the answers to what you’ve been seeking?


Once you wake up your soul, it cannot go back to sleep.

~Nicole Justine Reid


What if…

  • You had the right supportin finally moving through all the scattered racing thoughts you’ve been wading through on your own and finally got clear on WHY you are here on this planet?
  • You knew exactly HOW to express your purpose right now in your life in a way that truly lights up your heart and makes sense for you?
  • You allowed yourself the gift of lightness, deeply healing the wounds and limiting beliefs that are the biggest blocks to unleashing your potential?
  • You could at last experience the freedom of truly being yourself – and the joy of offering your unique gifts to make this world a better place?

Imagine feeling so held and supported by a personal spiritual guide whose greatest joy and purpose is for you to claim your own…


The Power of One Day

In your own private, personalized Deep Transformation Experience, you get a full day to be guided and supported in waking up the freedom of your soul – of truly unleashing your unique potential.


There is something extraordinarily powerful about doing this in one day. The hours we spent together in succession create a natural, exponential growth effect, allowing us to go deeper and deeper right then and there, digging into and pulling out the root of what is causing you to feel blocked, stuck, or in pain, and infusing love, excitement, and joy into that place that stays with you after our day together. In a container set for expansion, you can’t help but expand.


A Personalized Transformation Experience differs from ongoing coaching models because it sears to the core of what you truly want, gets to the root of what is blocking you, and transforms these blocks right then and there – creating a deep and lasting shift in a short amount of time.

It’s an intensive experience.

And it works.


Once you wake up your consciousness, you cannot go back to sleep. So, what we transform in this one day together, you carry with you as continuing impact and growth in your life going forward.

Our powerful, fun, and life-changing time together creates a container for deep growth and exponential joy in your life.


Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

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Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience

Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience

Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience



Here is what to expect from our life-transforming day together:

Get Unstuck. Feel Clear. Be Confident.

Together, we will:

  • Reconnect you to your soul’s purpose
  • Develop a vision for your life that includes how to live this purpose
  • Create an exciting pathway to bring this into your life so you know exactly what steps you need to take next
  • Identity and shift your limiting beliefs at the subconscious level so these are no longer blocking your success and enjoyment of life
  • Assemble your Transformation Toolbox which will guide you to sustain and enhance your transformation after our day together


Giving your gifts is one of YOUR greatest joys in life – stop depriving yourself of living large and fully enjoying who you are and what you have to offer

Showing up BIG in your life and in the ways you want to contribute to the world is a joy not just for others – but for yourself. It is what your soul is craving most.

Stop living small – it is hurting you.

Stop spinning your wheels, trying to figure it all out on your own. We are blind to our own blocks. The value is in each of us sharing our gifts. Allow yourself to receive the gift of transformation I can offer you.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go far, fast, give yourself a Transformational Day.

~African Proverb and Nicole Justine Reid

The Format

Each VIP Personal Retreat is customized for the individual soul. However, here is a general idea of what to specifics. Once you have committed and your Personal Transformation Retreat has been designed for you, you will receive the full, specific details.


Prior to Your VIP Day Transformational Experience
  • A 30-min orientation call so you know what to expect, answer any questions
  • A Welcome Packet with Intensive Questionnaire, Assessments, etc. to complete, send to me, and also bring a copy to your VIP Day


Evening Meet and Dine
  • To give yourself the best experience, I recommend you arrive the night before our VIP Day, to get settled in and have a good night’s sleep so you are centered and refreshed for our big day
  • On the night you arrive, we’ll have a luxurious and fun dinner together, so we can get to know each other on a personal level before we spend a day of transformation together the next day


Day Two – VIP DAY – Full Day
  • This day is dedicated to and designed just for you. More details will be given to you once your day is customized for you. You will have uninterrupted attention from me, entirely focusing on bringing out your brilliance for you to feelit, with time for integration and soaking in, as well as a healthy meal to nourish your body, plus some fun surprises.


After Your VIP Day
  • As you integrate the powerful work we did in our transformational day together, a few things might come up. Our Check in 30-min Zoom session allows for us to wrap up these new questions and insights so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.


  • $10,000


If you are ready to transform your inner world so you can bring your brilliance and light to the rest of the world, I want to meet you and support you in your transformation. We go deep. We make actual, inner shifts.

The person you are who comes to this Transformational Day will not be the same person who leaves.

But this deep, transformational experience is not for everyone.


This is not for you if:

  • You are more committed to your fear than you are to your growth
  • You are not willing to reach out for help – even if it’s killing you
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself – time, energy, or money – and remain stuck in familiar patterns

This Personal Transformation Experience IS for you if:

  • You want a great leap forward in your transformation – and you are ready for it now
  • You want to know why you are here on this planet and how to bring that into your life in a big and fun way
  • You want to transform your limiting beliefs once and for all because the pain of staying stuck is now greater than any fear of moving forward
  • You are willing to commit to and invest in yourself because you know YOU are the best investment you can make!

I want to be clear about this, because I fully understand that this is a big investment for you in many ways, most notably investing in moving through your fears.

It is also a big investment for me. I completely customize this experience for you. I put a lot of thought and soul into making this the most transformational experience it can be for you, using all of my wisdom and expertise I have gained over a decade of helping others transform, and all the inner work I have done for myself on my own path. I care about your growth. I want more alive and awake people in the world!

I LOVE witnessing your transformation right before my eyes. It is a feeling that lights up my soul. If you say YES to yourself and to this experience, I promise to give you my all to guide you into your brilliance.

I will guide you but we need to be a team. You need to want this for yourself, too.

This is why I have a screening process, to make sure we will be a good fit and that this experience will be all it can be.

How the Screening and Application Process Works

First, you will fill out an application. All the instructions and questions are on the next page.

After I review your application, if my instinct says YES (I listen to my higher self to determine this), then I will reach out to you to schedule an interview. We will have a chance to connect over Zoom so we can see and hear and experience each other, and make sure it’s a great fit.

If it’s a YES on both our parts, we will move forward and schedule your Personal Transformation Experience, and I will guide you on all the next steps from there. It is my intention that you feel loved and held and supported throughout our work together.

So, even if you’re scared (this is normal when considering deep growth), and especially if you’re feeling that electricity of excitement, if something inside of you feels drawn to working with me, fill out the application. You have an opportunity to lose your fear and gain your true self.


Take me to my life-changing application now

Unleash Your Potential And live the life you were always meant to have


Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

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Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience

Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience

Ultimate Transformational VIP Day Experience






Here’s what I know about you…

  • You’re a spiritual seeker who has taken some steps on your path yet you haven’t quite found what you are looking for.
  • You believe in a greater energy, whether you name this energy God or Source or Universe or the Creator or something else, and you desire to connect more deeply to the core of your spiritual self
  • You tend to be sensitive and intuitive and have a spiritual and creative nature
  • You’re excited and hopeful and maybe a little – or very – terrified, and at times you doubt yourself as to what you really want.
  • You feel disconnected in some way and that “something is missing,” and since you’re smart and capable, it’s frustrating that you can’t figure out how to fix it
  • You get easily swayed off course by naysayers and begin to doubt yourself or feel shut down.
  • You say things to yourself like, “What should I do with my life?” “I am so unhappy,” “I feel stuck,” or “I feel lost” and these worries keep you up at night and flood your head in the morning. 
  • You have a deep urge to help others and make a difference in this world (and maybe you secretly dream of being a healer or a humanitarian, or you have already looked into these paths but haven’t committed yet)
  • You are afraid to fail, and maybe, if you are truly honest, even afraid to succeed – it feels too big of a responsibility to fully show up, yet you feel suffocated by playing small, so you remain stuck in this loop