What are you needing now? Nourishment for your soul


“This is your life. Live it like it is.”

~Nicole Justine Cavanaugh


What are you needing now? How often do you check in with yourself and ask that question?

When I ask my questions this question, many of them share similar needs:

  • Connection, a tribe of support, of people who “get” them
  • More creativity, time and permission to fully express themselves
  • More fun and joy and delight in their lives
  • A sense of fulfillment and meaning
  • Time for self-reflection and rejuvenation of the spirit
  • The nourishment of other women and the strength that is birthed when women come together

Are you craving these things, too?

There is a way in which we neglect our core soul needs. And these are our core soul needs. These are what light us up, give us fuel, support us in enjoying life and sustaining strength through the tough parts of our soul’s journey.

What prevents us from allowing ourselves to have these elements in life? And if we do, are we expanding ourselves to our highest and best possible self? Expansion is a continuing journey.

How much joy can you hold?

I’ve been sitting in these questions myself lately, and I have received several signs from the universe that it is time to do another retreat to support women in these questions and finding answers for themselves.

I’ve had direct requests, lit up faces at the mention of another retreat, and a yearning within my own soul to create a powerful, deep, nourishing experience for you. An experience that will connect you even more deeply to your creativity, to yourself, to your life force – and to each other.

So, stay posted as this emerges. I am in my own creation process with this and I am letting it gently come together.

Until then, and always, begin to create more space in your life for what truly nourishes you and lights you up.

This is your life. Live it like it is.

Until next time…

With light and love,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh