What “holding pattern” is holding you back?

Break the patterns that keep you from moving forward

I got a massage recently and when the massage therapist asked about trouble areas, I mentioned this problem I have been having with my right shoulder, about how it caves in a bit and I can’t seem to get it to straighten. I’ve asked everyone about it with no real resolution.

He said, “It might be a holding pattern.”

A what?

Apparently, a trauma may have occurred and my body instinctually went into Protect-It Mode. But when the injury healed, the shoulder remained in the same position. Even if that position was no longer serving me.


What “holding pattern” are you in?

At some point in your life, you acted, reacted, chose, thought, and behaved a certain way. And it served you – then. But, as humans, we grow. We change, we shed, we evolve.

And, sometimes, we get stuck in patterns that used to serve us, our own Protect-It Mode, that we still operate from even if they are no longer needed or helpful.

These are our “holding patterns.”

For example, perhaps you experienced terrible heartbreak when a relationship ended. And you went into Protect-It Mode to heal to guard your heart. But the trauma is now over – and you still keep your heart guarded, not letting anyone in. This may no longer be serving you, especially if what you are wanting now is a relationship.

You may be in a job that doesn’t really fit you because someone told you long ago that your dream job was impossible and you believed them. You wanted to be approved of by this person, or group, and so you went a different route than what your heart sang for, to Protect yourself. But now you feel stuck, lost, or paralyzed and you realize you want to do something else with your life. But you are too scared to make a change.

You are stuck in a holding pattern.

I asked the massage therapist how to heal the holding pattern for my shoulder. He said it heals with lots of stretching, that it’s a commitment, possibly seemingly torturous at first, but that you need to get the shoulder properly aligned with where it’s meant to be and it’s a process. A process that he could help with, because twisting my shoulder into those positions isn’t something I can do alone.

This is how you heal a holding pattern: by stretching yourself, committing to the process, and getting yourself aligned with who you really are now.

It may be uncomfortable – seemingly torturous – at first, because change is uncomfortable and shakes us up. But living in a pattern that isn’t serving you is staying misaligned. Give yourself the gift of getting into alignment.

I am a passionate believer that when we are aligned with who we truly are and operate from that place, we experience great joy.

And, because, just like I need the massage therapist’s help to realign my shoulder, you may need help and support in breaking your holding patterns.

Because I care about you and want you to experience the freedom and joy that is available to you, I would like to offer you a complimentary Life Vision Session to offer that support. If you feel ready to begin identifying and breaking these holding patterns, contact me and let’s begin getting you into alignment with who you are now. And I’ll try not to torture you 😉

Until next time,

With light and love,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh