What I Have Learned From My Clients: 10 Things We All Have In Common – Inside

What I Have Learned From My Clients_Black Sheep Coaching

I’ve been coaching for 7 years now and I am consistently blown away by what I learn from my clients. There is more wisdom that you teach me than I can even share here.

It struck me today that there are things we all have in common – patterns and fears and desires – that I have seen across the board in those I have had the honor of coaching over the years.

I have learned more about myself and about human nature through coaching than I ever have in any another form. I get the privilege of hearing this inner worlds of my clients and helping them navigate it. Of forging that connection and trust with another human to help them realize their potential. Of truly seeing them, beyond the patterns and “stuff” that threatens to cover up their essence.

I get to experience your souls and in doing so, experience mine in a new way.

I feel so blessed to be a part of your journeys. Thank you for teaching me more about my own nature. Here is what I have learned from you. I share this in the hopes that you all realize you are not alone and that you can learn from each other these things as well:

  1. We’re all scared
  2. We all want to be loved and feel validated, to know we are enough
  3. We all have trouble accepting parts of ourselves
  4. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for
  5. With the right nurturing, we can break though self-defeating patterns and turn our lives around
  6. We all want to help the world in some way, to feel we are useful and have purpose
  7. We all have A Thing we are hiding from or working through – relationships, health, money, career path, balance – no one is “perfect”
  8. We are just as afraid of success as we are of failure
  9. We are all yearning for connection, yet we might be going about it the wrong way
  10. We think we are alone sometimes, and our spirits brighten at the notion that we are not

May you continue your journeys knowing you are loved and supported and, most certainly, not alone.

With light and love,

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh