What is Enough?

“I wish you enough.”

Powerful words, given from a father to his daughter as he was saying goodbye to her at the airport. He didn’t wish her “lots of” or “many” but “enough.” My yoga teacher Nicole Mohr passed on this story to our class and it made me think, what is enough? And, how do you know?

Enough is the point of balance. So often, we wish each other (or ourselves) excess, in an attempt to run away from lack, focusing on it like it will create happiness for us. But then we are just running in a new direction of unhappiness, because we have passed the mid-line and not even noticed it.

When we have reached enough, it makes us feel content, satisfied, and happy. That is how we know. Some of us stay there, knowing it is enough. But some of us confuse that with “if I have more of this, I will feel more of this,” but that isn’t true. A different kind of stress appears when you pass that mid-line – the stress of excess which may be harder to identify. It takes up your psychic space to manage “too much.”

Everyone has their own balance scale, so there is no definitive rule on what is enough – it is your own personal midpoint. Balance is a dynamic process (not a static definition), so the focus is about maintaining a continuing awareness of gathering and letting go.

Look at your own life today. What is enough money? What is enough shoes? What is enough time? Do you need to get to “enough” by gathering more, or by letting go? What is one step you can do to move towards enough for today?

I wish you (and me) enough.