What My Saboteurs Said to Me Yesterday

Sometimes it is hard to keep going when you feel stuck and like there is no progress (read: not the progress you are expecting). I have felt like this many times in growing my coaching business (I have lofty expectations). It’s scary to put myself out there! It’s hard to run a business! Yes, it sounds all great to create my own schedule – but then I have to be the one to motivate myself, too.

My Saboteurs (the voices in my head that try to ruin things for me) just told me yesterday that I should consider looking for a “regular” job (again). That this is too hard, that I am unfocused, that I am not making fast enough progress. I want to write a book but where is it? (unfinished – but started!) I want to create inspirational products to bring joy to others, but where are they? (sitting in my living room, untouched – but created! And more on the way!) I want to create a program to leverage my strengths to reach more people, but where is it? (in the works – I am working with an awesome partner!) My Higher Self decided to interject herself here. But she wasn’t so loud yesterday.

Luckily, my Observer (my neutral self that can watch the wacky dialogue) stepped in and noticed that I was sick and still getting over a cold, and that I had had some personal stresses, too, that might be contributing to feeding my Saboteurs. So, I noticed them, but did not act to please them.

Today, a new client called to sign up for a session. If that isn’t a sign that I am on the right path, I don’t know what is.

When we stop going after our dreams, it is not because they are the wrong dreams. It is because we get in our own way. The cool part is that we can learn to stop stopping ourselves.