What you truly want

But you may be going about it the wrong way

There are things you want in life.

You want to have healthy and loving relationships, a life direction that lights you up, an environment that feels supportive and reflects who you are, and financial freedom.

You want these things because of how they make you feel: loved, lit up, supported, and free.

So, you take actions that will get you what you want to have. So that you can be the way you really want to be.

You date around to find the perfect man or woman, you fantasize about and look for a job that will do the trick of infusing that passion in your life that you are wanting, you add physical things that will make a positive difference in your environments, and you find ways to make the most out of our money, or to make more of it.

All these desires are fine to have. All these actions are fine to take. It’s good to be proactive. There is nothing wrong with either, intrinsically.

It’s the order that can be the problem.

When you do in order to have so that you can be how you want to be, you have entered into a never-ending, vicious cycle. Who you are being then becomes dependent on whether you got the result you were seeking. If you didn’t, you are miserable and left wanting and aching.

To break this cycle, what you need to be focusing on is how we want to be – first. If you are truly conscious about why you want these things in the first place, it is because you want to feel a certain way. And your feelings are a direct reflection of how you are being in the moment.

Are you allowing the love in? Are you receiving the support? Are you tapping into your innate inner freedom and space and light?

If not, what is blocking you?

Think about the times in your life where the moment “took you by surprise”. Chances are, it wasn’t about what was happening; it was about how you were being in that moment. You were open. You were uninhibited and free to be yourself. You were present. And everything fell into place.

What if your life could be like this more often?

To “have” what you truly want to have, the real “doing” is how you are being.

Be yourself as you are taking action, and you will experience the feeling of freedom that can only be known by being yourself.

Which is what you really want, anyway.

Do you agree? As always you are invited to share your opinion, and post your comments below.

Until next time…

With love and light,

Nicole Justine Cavanaugh