Where are you stuck? (And how to get unstuck)

connection and disconnection to cycle
We all get stuck sometimes. We get stuck trying to figure out what career path to follow, what relationship is best for us, how to lose the weight, what the best way to earn money is for us, etc.Despite the various ways that being stuck can manifest for us, there is an underlying commonality:

You are either stuck in not allowing or you are stuck in not releasing.

What do I mean by this?

When we are fully alive, we are fully engaged with the great Creative Cycle. We allow/receive/let in the abundance that is available to all of us. We let in the joy, the love, the money, the wellbeing.

We also release. We let go of the old to let in the new, to create space for this lusciousness to enter. We make space in our minds, hearts, bodies, and physical space. When we create something, we share it with others, thereby releasing it. We share who we are and what we have and we trust in the connection, the unity among us.

So, when you are feeling stuck in your life, it is in one of these to areas. Either you are not allowing/blocking/preventing the joy, abundance, and love from coming in, or you are hoarding it and not releasing and creating space for the next level to cycle through you.

How does this look?

If you are stuck in the “Allowing” phase of the cycle, you may be:

  • Pushing compliments away
  • Not letting people offer to treat you to dinner
  • Not receiving the love someone wants to share with you
  • Rejecting a new opportunity for a job that sounds amazing by not even trying to interview for it
  • Depriving yourself of creative time, and thereby disconnecting yourself from inspiration, which is the greatest form of allowing
If you are stuck in the “Releasing” phase of the cycle, you may be:
  • Not giving others compliments or showing that you really see them
  • Hoarding possessions or money in the form of fear there may not be enough
  • Surrounding yourself with clutter – papers, items, clothing, too many emails, too many electronic files that you can’t just seem to let go of (“they don’t take up much space!” you say…is this really true? They take up your energetic space to manage)
  • Staying with a job or a relationship that isn’t working for you because you are afraid you will not find another one
  • Not sharing your ideas and creations with others and hoarding your poems, art, business ideas, and inventions, and secrets to success
None of this makes you a bad person, so please do not begin judging yourself if this is where you are stuck. It is just for you to notice.So, just notice where you may be stuck, if you are. In this awareness, you can gather the willingness to do something about it, step by step.

To balance the “Allowing” phase of the cycle, you could:

  • Allow compliments in and let them land with you
  • Receive gifts and treats from others with gratitude
  • Let someone love you
  • Interview for that job that sounds amazing
  • Give yourself time for creativity and inspiration every day
To balance the “Releasing” phase of the cycle, you could:
  • Release the beautiful awareness you have about someone from your mind through your lips to that other person and let them know how wonderful they are
  • Share your possessions and money with people, causes, and for experiences you are about
  • Declutter to create space the new to enter – papers, items, clothing, emails, electronic files
  • Let go of the job that isn’t working. Leave the relationship that isn’t working. Do both with love.
  • Share your ideas and creations with others. We are all here to support one another. Jump in!

What one action will you take today towards momentum and balance? Enlist a support buddy to help you make this change. Sharing your intention out loud with someone else greatly increases the likelihood you will actually do it.

Until next time,

With light and love,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh