Where is God in all of This… in the journey to Fulfilling Your Potential?

ocean and sky god

“God” is such a loaded word. It’s a terms, a concept, and an experience many of us have deep feeling about, whether in favor or against.

For some of us, we grew up in religions that served us and we have retained a deep faith. For some of us, we struggled with our religion of origin, discovered it made no sense for us, and found another that worked better. Still others of us abandoned God altogether. Or are confused in our relationship with a higher source. Or believe not in organized religion but more of a spirituality, a Oneness with the Universe, Spirit, or Source, an energy, a universal intelligence, Gaia, or whatever we chose to name God. (For now, I will use interchangeable terms to refer to all of the above).

Whatever your spiritual story is, it is a part of your journey. So, for those of you who have no relationship with or interest in developing one with God, the following may not resonate for you. And that’s ok.

For those of you on the spiritual path, this is for you: God is essential in fulfilling your potential.

Fulfilling your potential means to be all of who you can be. Notice it is about being and not about doing. Though, of course, we take action on the journey to fulfilling our potential. But it is about the intention and the connection behind those actions that can make or break our experience of it. And having a deep connection with God can make the journey much easier, feel supportive, and sate that craving for deep meaning in life.

I will let you know where I am coming from in relation to God, to give you context. I believe in an all-powerful, loving, and nurturing Source. An energy that fills and unites all of us. A God that can take many forms, but the core message is Love and Expansion. The God I connect to and believe in wants the best for all of us. My God wants us to live at our highest potential and to act in the highest good of all.

What is your God like? Have you stopped to reflect? If not, I invite you to, now. Journal about what God means to you.

I believe that you are craving something deeper in life or you wouldn’t be reading this. Something more meaningful. Something beyond the physical plane. Yes, we want the money, the lover, the house, the career that fulfills us. But these are the physical expressions of our spirituality.  Of our current capacity to expand and let the goodness in – or to shut it out.

I’m going to go so far as to say that I believe that there is an energy that holds all of us, whether or not we believe in it. However, consciously connecting to this Source Energy, to God, greatly enhances our experience of life. So…why not connect?

When you are held, loved, supported and guided by an all-powerful loving energy that wants the best for you and can freely give you all the resources you need to expand into your potential – why wouldn’t you invite that relationship into your life?

Many of us have trouble letting God in, even if we want to. We don’t know how. Or, we are stuck in how we appear to others and feeling like we need to be perfect all the time. We want to be in control. It’s utterly terrifying to let go of control. Which is what surrender to God requires.

So, begin to observe. Just start by noticing:

  1. Where are you in relation to being all you can be? Do you feel expanded and flowing? Or stuck and lost?
  2. Where are you in your spiritual journey? Do you have a relationship with God? Or are you trying to do it all by yourself?
  3. How do these relate for you?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first step is to take note of where you are.

Are you letting God in?

Until next time…

With love and light,
Nicole Justine Cavanaugh