4 Questions to Ask to Help You Work Smarter

When I feel overwhelmed, I keep spinning and doing a lot of things that seem important at the time, but are actually not, if I think about it. I learned to stop the insanity by asking myself some questions to help get smoothly back on track.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself in moments of overwhelm to keep you calm, sane, and moving forward with the important stuff:

1. Is this really necessary?
2. Is this necessary to do right now?
3. If I didn’t do this, what would happen?
4. What is more important at this moment?/What will make the greatest positive impact?

If the answers are yes/yes/disaster/nothing else, then keep doing that thing you are doing. If you answer something like/yes/not really/nothing really bad, maybe even something good/oh, this thing! then change course.

Work smarter. Be happier.